Drop the Kinect!

Microsoft please take some advice and drop the Kinect.  I don't want a camera watching me in my home.  It's a fad that has not caught on for most gamers.  Drop the Kinect and sell the Xbone one for a hundred dollars cheaper.  Otherwise the PS4 is looking like a better alternative to me.  


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Man if the kinect is really recording me all the time than someone is getting some good porn if anyone is watching ;)

Another kinect thread lol...save ur  100$ and by a ps4 then. 3 million people can't be wrong...

Thought it was a fad together with the tv input, wow was I wrong two gimmicks that from day one until now make me feel like im a proud owner of the sexist gaming machine ive ever owned!.


MS do not drop the Kinect!

Ambassadors is there a way to prevent someone from starting these moronic threads about people not wanting the Kinect.  I appreciate everyone's opinion but this horse is a grease spot from being beaten so much.

Yep ,this horse is glue folks ,move on

[quote user="Nightsinner"]Microsoft please take some advice and drop the Kinect.[/quote]MS doesn't read this forum in any official capacity. If you want to address Microsoft, the best place to do so is the Feedback Forums:


Every time I come here is this nonsense. I hardly post, just like to read ur posts , but it's always some lame "I don't want a kinect"or "mine is better than yours"crap. Please, if there are moderators, make this forum a place to enjoy again.

You don't have to plug it in...

Xbone one? Wow [tag:FanBoy]

The Kinect can be turned off and unplugged (although the machine is 10x better with it, for instance with game recording). Do you have an iPhone, a Laptop with a webcam, an iPod Touch, a digital camera, or a tablet? Whoops, you are being recorded all the time according to your logic.

You agree when you sign in the first time that Microsoft may not record you, and there is an option to turn ON data being sent to MS, which I doubt many checked.

Since a large part of the operating system is built around the kinect

. I highly doubt they "drop it".

If you cannot afford the cost of the X1 then I suggest you rethink your priorties in life I.E food, shelter, education.

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