DRM migration

The DVD drive seems to be on the way out on my old 60gb console. Lucky for me I have a spare (newer Arcade+120gb) so I want move the DRM over to the newer console. (after moving stuff over using USB)

I've done this before when my launch console gave up, but I see that there is now an option to do it from the xbox dash. That sounds easier!

Anyone used this? How does it work?


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Its easy to use, it just transfers your licenses to the new 360. You can do this every 4 months as well which is better as it used to be a year.


Here are the details of how to use it:



It doesn't even transfer your licenses sadly, it just ties the licenses to your new xbox, you still have to redownload the license for anything you wanna play or you'd get the same offline problems

All done. As you say you still need to re-download to do the transfer, but as it only refreshes the DRM it only takes a tick.

Biggest problem is doing it all in one go - that's a good way to waste a few hours!

Big improvement over the old system though, but would be nice to be able to queue-up everything with one click and let it background download with the box on standby.

If the content is already on the hard drive all that gets downloaded are the new licenses.


The only problem is that you can only queue up 30 items at a time. So actually settings things up to download can take longer than the actual download time.


Its the rock band songs that slay me

Yes. That's what took me the time. Oh well. All done now.

To be honest, I'm surprised to have had DVD problems. This xbox is mainly used for arcade games and Music games. I've always installed games to the hard drive (since that option was available)