Driving Cub/Forum etc

Anyone in or know one, looking to get in a racing community to get some good clean racing, more so for when forza  come out


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we have had a few in the past on hear.

but with the new forum mass exodus i think most of the people arnt hear anymore.

but there's nothing stopping you starting a new one .

i would be up for helping if you wanted!

we could start a regular forum race night and play many different racing games.

once a week on a certain night we could all meet up and play said game.

we could even get a league going and some for fun tournaments as well.

it would take a bit of sorting out but thats part of the fun to me

anyway just a thought !

I would join in but I only really get to use my Xbox early mornings at the weekend. I'm sure other people would be up for it though.