Driver San Francisco!

Will this game have a free roam for online, because I dont think the game modes are that good but the single player is

And can someone give me a list of cars that are going to be on it


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Free roam will probably be there but not multiplayer. The modes seem quite fn from the two I've played but as for a list of cars i have no idea.

The games been getting fair rating from people reviewing it and the consensusis this is the game Driver Parrallel lines should have been, its a step up for the driver series but not enough for Rockstar to worry about GTA being overthrown anytime soon.

lol that's like saying "well Lionhead have nothing to worry about". It's nothing like GTA at all.

I cant belive ive heard so many people say they are getting this.For me this proves you should never pay attention to magazine reviews it gone 90% in the one...then i come along and cant stand it but hey i guess everyone has their own opinions heh?...and in reply to your question mate the single player i think is free roam but not on multiplayer and you should have a look on the games offical website to perhaps find a list of cars on there. (Hope this helps)

Boggles the mind why they released the demo's on XBL, not good marketing considering how rubbish they were. Maybe the final game will be better (doubt it), either way i had it on preorder and now i dont.

Demo was ok, still getting it.

The single player demo was too short to gauge anything from and the multiplayer demo was just awesome, it's so much fun.

I will be getting the collecters ed.

I've pre ordered it for PC. I'm looking forward to playing it.

I wasn't that impressed by the demo. I may pick it up when the prices come down but I'm afraid it's not on my must have list.

I believe I remember reading elsewhere that there will be a free roam mode online, but don't quote me on that. I can't remember where I saw it but I'm about 60% sure I've seen it somewhere. I loved both the single player and multiplayer demos so I do intend to buy the game. I might not buy it at release but I definitely will buy it.