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Ciao a tutti,

Sto cercando di completare l'obiettivo Pilota Ineguagliabile e mi mancano 5 prove.

Volevo sapere se qualcuno di voi ha fatto quella di saltare 3 veicoli in 45s.

Pensavo che bastasse saltare i camion porta auto, invece no.

C'è un posto nella mappa dove si possa fare senza grossi problemi?



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Non ho trovato nulla in ITA se hai ancora dubbi chiedi pure...

Jump x Metres

Look for Sprint Activity 9 on the map, in the top left hand section. Shift here and you will see a huge drop. Use this drop for all of your jump Dares, except for "Jump 3 cars in 45 seconds", where you can either use the Barrel Roll ramp, or get lucky with a Car Transporter on the freeway.


Jump x Cars In x Seconds

Use the Barrel Roll ramp and get a big run-up. Floor it down and over the ramp and you should jump a car. Quickly spin round and go again, twice.

If you cannot do this, try to jump over a car from a Car Transporter. Just wreck a Transporter and Shift to a car. Now just jump off of the Transporter over the required amount of cars.

Alternate Methods:
Russian Hill is a good spot. It's right between your Downtown and Fisherman's Wharf garage. Go to the street (going from east to the west) south to the "Tanner's Free Day" challenge.
Another way to find it: 2 streets south from Lombard street

Or, wreck a car transporter, then wreck a car in front of it. Then just drive over the car transporter.