Drive Me Wild or Drive Me Crazy?

"Driv3r" was a game that got a lot of bad press for all the wrong reasons.


Most people never bothered to play it and because IGN told them it had "pop ups" they went about the Forums slagging the game off for having pop ups... rather than some of it's more glaring and inexcuseable faults.


Despite these there was a niche of fun in the "Pursuit" sections, where you would have to evade mounting numbers of police.  Especially the European map, passing the controller from buddy to buddy taking turns on that was better fun than much of what passes for multiplayer fare on the 360 nowadays.


So is this latest version of Driver a runaway hit or just something to run away from?


"Dead Island" and "Space Marine" don't come out for another week so I'm gonna take a chance with "Driver: San Fransisco" and see what it's like.


Anyone else picked it up?




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I enjoyed the demo, but its not a game im going to pick up while its at its current price, ill wait for it to drop a bit first, nothing against the game or that its simply at that price, just not as interested in it as much as the current games coming out this winter!

I've got it Az and Gamestation even paid ME for the privelage of owning it......sort of. ;-)

I downloaded the demo,then after ten minutes of playing it,i deleted it. Reminds me nothing of the Driver of old..

With  that  attitude  did  you  want  the  original  re  released.  Did  you  want  us  all  staying  on  a  zx  spectrum  because the  new  technology  wasnt  the  same.  Some  people  just  open  there  mouths  and  let  anything  come  out.

People  moan  its  just  the  same  game  with  a  few  updates.  People  moan  if  its  totally  new  and  innovative  people  just  moan  constantly  no  matter  what

I only tried the MP demo out but I thoroughly enjoyed it so will definitely be picking it up at some point.


You can actually get it here for free if you subscribe to FHM for a year which costs £25.00 (not bad really as its cheaper than the shop price and you get a years worth of FHM bundled in) 

(Links have a habit of not working on this site so i'll paste it again)

Well so far I'm finding myself pleasantly surprised.


Graphically it looks better than I thought it would.


It has a way of looking bigger than a regular game on screen.  If you ever played "Burnout" on the original XBox you will know exactly what I'm talking about.


Nice freeroam city.  Reminds me of "Midnight Club: LA".


Cars drive pretty well and you can definately feel a difference between rides though this is definately no driving SIM but handling is solid enough.


San Fransisco is a big playground full of all sorts of different driving type activities for you to play through.  I've barely scratched the surface and there are getaways, police pursuits, speed challenges and checkpoint challenges.


The game is based on the same premise as "Velvet Assassin".


Er... not that your an assassin... more specifically that you're incapacitated and the game is taking place in your head which as a result lets you do some freaky things.


One of these is hopping from car to car on a whim.  At any point in the game you can simply swap from the car you're driving to any car you see on the road.


My first impression was this sounded collosally dumb.  However in practice it works better than it sounds in principle.


Especially mucking about in freeroam when you lose control of a car or are starting to take too much damage you simply shift into another one.


What starts out as a dumb far fetched idea becomes a better one when you realise just how you can use it to your advantage.


I've not tried the multiplayer yet but with a number of different modes it looks like it has the potential to be more entertaining than I thought.


You might want to check out some of the video reviews for this game.





I've just had a go at the oline modes and this game is really fun.


Many different game modes available and they're all good fun to play.


The swapping vehicles really adds a new element to online play and all my races were seamless with no trace of lag or slowdown.


Thought I'd try it out for a few quick bashes and ended up playing for a couple of hours.



I think the online has a problem in that people don't really seem to want to play it properly. I get that smashy smashy is entertaining for some, but it's not that fun when every two seconds some idiot just collides with you, even if you can shift around and stuff. Trailblazer for instance is just chaos and the handling makes crashing very easy. I've also noticed that in modes like tag people just go for the region/backstreets where there's no traffic so that you can't shift into nearby cars and catch up.

Not sure how I feel about it.

'Just Posted My Comments In Another Thread But Here They Are Again' ...................................



First off this daft idea of being able to swap between cars/people, I'm sorry but for me this just doesn't belong in a game like Driver! really spoiled it for me before I even got started! Also and I don't know if it's just me but this game can't make up it's mind whether it's Driver,Need For Speed, Crazy Taxi, it's totally lost the feel of previous Driver games! Some might say this is good thing but not for me!



Also and I've seen quite a few people mention this including in some reviews but some of the later missions seem to be based on pure luck rather than judgement which can lead to pure frustration and the game really does lose it's appeal!



Just my opinion of course but so glad I got this really cheap and will more than earn my money back when it gets traded in next week!

The SP demo doesn't give the proper context and so just seems silly.

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