Dragon Age: Warden's tale is done but Hawke's is not?

PAX 2011: The Future of DRAGON AGE Panel.

An interesting panel from the sounds of it. I don't see however how they can say how the Warden's tale is done and Hawke's is not, when it is made clear at the end of Dragon Age II that the pair's disappearances are linked.

I wonder if it is simply because they don't want to have to deal with all the variations of Warden that can exist, compared to the handful of Hawke's. 


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Mine, yours, or anyones Warden would **** all over Hawke, Hawkes story, Hawkes mates and Hawkes world.

I totally agree with your thoughts that carrying on with any wardens would likely to be too much work for the guys, especially now firmly under EAs thumb & given the range of diversity they afforded both the character and their endings.

Think of the voice work needed. Not just a male and female human as with Hawke but add on Dwarf and Elf as well.

 Perhaps though they would work the Warden's mute status in the first game into the plot of the third, thereby cutting the need for dialogue at all. Have the Warden have been tortured, throat slashed at one point, meaning they couldn't talk.

This would mean if you chose to play as the Warden, you'd have to find new ways of doing things other than just persuading people with your voice. Play as Hawke and you'd get the regular dialogue options.

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If Dragon Age 3 is anything like 2 I'd rather keep the Warden as far away from it as possible.

The Warden was interesting; they aren't going to make both Hawke and the Warden playable so that would mean losing control of the Warden which would suck (although if they took control of Hawke from me I wouldn't care, but they won't). Even if they did make them both playable I can't imagine I would like having my Warden back; it wouldn't be the same (unless they go back to Origins style, which is rather unlikely, and even then...).

I can't see Bioware abandoning their precious dialogue wheel though Vote, even if only for a Warden section, much as I would love them to.

TBH I have very little interest in what happens next anyway, I did enjoy DA2 but the game didn't make me care enough.

They wouldn't have to abandon the dialogue wheel. Just make it for gestures instead of spoken words.

A simple explanation would be having the top option be a hug, the middle a shrug and the bottom option to punch the person in the face. 

... please never say that to anyone with influence at Bioware; I may not love their games anymore but that really would be the nail in the coffin. And the worst part is, I could see them doing it... *shudder*

It would make a Warden run different to a Hawke run through the game. They'd hopefully expand on what I posted somewhat but you wouldn't be able to approach characters the same way, you'd have to find different ways to deal with them.

True, I do think it would be nice to be presented with different ways to play the game, but it would really still be using exactly the same mechanic so it wouldn't really be that different, other than the graphical/audial outcome being actions rather than speech. And it would still be presenting you with the options of 'good', 'bad' and 'neutral' or more likely 'bland', 'bland' and 'bland'.

On the plus side at least the wording on the wheel wouldn't suffer from being short.

Im pretty sure my warden sacrificed himself heroicly at the end of Origins - so im pretty sure his adventures are dead! lol!