Dragon age: Origins unofficial trailer!

Hey there, well i made a trailer about dragon age: Origins and thought ya'd all like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0UkexUS04o&feature=channel_video_title

 i hope you all enjoy, i am going to be making lots more trailer and different things dedicated to xbox games (Mass Effect soon methinks!).



On another note, i cannot get onto xbox.com when i am on google chrome and i have to go onto Internet explorer, anyone know why and know why and if there is a fix to this?


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I enjoyed it. Just started a new playthru a couple of days ago.  I had forgotten just how awesome a game, it is.

Thanks, yeah i've completed Dragon age twice now. Been playing thorough Dragon age II quite a bit. But definitely not as good as the first one, and have been put off of it and haven't been on it for a while actually :/

Well, it was a bit different, but I still played it through twice, and enjoyed it immensely once I had got used to it.  Just playing Origins again, as im after the last four achievements.  I will then probably play DA2 for the last four on that one. Hopefully, these will take me up to November.