Dragon Age Legacy, Honest Hearts or Old World Blues

says it all really...


which would people recommend with the 800 points I have to spend


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Definitely old world blues, try to get all 3 new vegas dlc.

i've got dead money and didn't really take to it to be honest...i've heard old world blues is quite good but not heard much about honest hearts... how many hours of gameplay is old world blues? when's best to play it? i've got a level 33 character right near the end of the game and a level 2 or 3 character who's just reached nipton

Recommended level for Old World Blues is 15. I enjoyed it, but it depends what you're looking for really. There was a lot of dialogue which was funny, not a lot of action to go with it. It's a lot of stealthing around. Like I said, I enjoyed it, but I'm a Fallout nut. If you want more enemies and a bit more action, I'd go with Honest Hearts.