dragon age 2 new dlc

i thought this was released today? i cant seem to find it anywhere, can anyone link me to it please? really want more dragon age!


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prob release it later on 2day depending how bust the microsoft team is

Wait till after 12 as thats usually when the marketplace updates

So... once people have downloaded it (and, y'know, played it)... any good? (How much is it? Yes I know I could look that up myself). Worth picking up (that would, admittedly come as something of a surprise)?

It's 800 MSP, and im waiting to hear people's thoughts on it too. I've been stung with how crap DA:O's DLC was (not including Awakening)

any reviews anywhere for this...especially length of gameplay? I'm trying to max out DA2 (only have the collector achievements, sebastian's approval and the crafting tree achievements from the original lot) but i don't want to pay 800 points for a 1 hour add on

Just had a quick gander over at the official DA2 forums on Biowares site. Most people are saying it lasts about 2-3 hours.