dragon age 2 loyalty of the prince

its gunna be the only achievment barring mass exodus i need when i finish, and possible the siding with mages/templars ones. im at the start of act 3 and sebastian is rite in the middle of friend/rivary, im guessing theres no chance to get the achievment before the end, however, is it worth starting a new game, what i was gunna do was do the last 3 mage/templar quests and then re load my save to get the other. i tried to get the rivalry by doing the glitch listed on xbox360achievments.org but it wont work.

so, shall i start a new game, and go all the way through just to get this? question is, if im gunna start a new game, just for sebastian, which should i side with when i play to max out friendship/rivalry, because ill do the opposite now, on my current playthrough. or, shall i just reload my save and get both now, and just play through till i max him out.

also i visited the chantry at the very start of act 3, and the book is there on the pedestal, but i cant select it or pick it up!


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I got it before the end just agree with him and pat his ego all the time,the book in the chantry is a ballache,just stay near it and keep mostly out of the fight and keep trying to select it,thats how i did it,forgot to get the book in act one though,doh.

no, that was chapter 3, got that one. im on about chapter 4, the one at the start of the third act. and about the friendship, surly even if i keep him with me all through act 3 it still wont be enough, i have over 20 diff saves so i might go back to just after i spoke to him in act one, and go through the storey and his quests as fast as i can just to get him up, i could do that i guess!

The book you need is not on the pedestal it's chapter four and it's on top of a desk/chest of drawers in one of the rooms off to the side.