Dragon age 2 dlc exiled prince

I havent played this game for a few months since finishing the main story arc, i decided today that i would download the exiled prince. The problem is how do i access it? i thought it was through the writing desk at hawkes estate, but thats turning out to be less than fruitful. It is showing a  plot point above the writing desk but everytime i go over, it states no quests available at this time.

Im running out of ideas and was hoping someone on here knows where im going wrong, i cleared my system cache and re-downloaded it to no avail.


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you should have a quest already in your log to go and meet Sebastian at the Chantry where he'll be posting a notice about vengeance for his family...it's not on the writing desk..should be under "Premium Content"....after you complete this you'll not hear from him til act 2 when he becomes a companion

found the quest in the journal now, but can this be done after completing the main game? cant seem to travel anywhere but the black emporium and hawkes estate. Will be abit annoying if i need to load an old save in order to play it.

Thanks for your help, im most grateful

It can only be played in Act 2 so you will need to load an old save.

not sure to be honest...i'd guess not as only certain parts of the quest can be accessed at certain times and during certain acts