DR3 Smartglass Question

Hi all

got DR3 roday and having fun using the smartglass companion, however i switched the game back on a short while aago and launched the smartglass app and all i see is the blue screen from dr3 on my phone and it says "xbox smartglass companion for dead rising 3 is paused" i have re booted my phone anyone know hw to un pause the app please 


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The app pauses itself sometimes depending on what's going on in the game. Also, the app is very badly glitched and buggy and hasn't worked normally for me ever, and I've only gotten 2-4 additional side missions out of it, ever, it doesn't really work.

The only time I've had this app working is by deleting the Xbox One smart glass app from my tablet and reinstalling it and only then I only got it working for 10mins before it went back to the frozen home screen.


I just gave up on it in the end which is a shame because I really wanted to use an air strike.