DR3 or Ryse.

Hey all,the missus wants to buy me an XboxOne game for Chrimbo but I can't decide which one of these to tell her to get,which one guys n gals,please help me decide :-)

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They are both brilliant games, so I guess it comes down to your own personal preference - I will say this though, ignore a lot of the negative RYSE reviews, eveyone I know who's played it, including me, absolutely love it!

Personally I don't think you can go wrong with either, both brilliant titles in my opinion.

Ryse has quite a short campaign though, you could probably get through it in 5-6 hours but for me anyway it's got great replay value and the co-op arena is excellent especially with people you know. I've already clocked up about 50 hours in co-op.

It boils down to whether you prefer Zombies or Gladiators really... they're both great games.

Ryse has the better story. Graphically, at first glance, Ryse also has the best graphics, until you take in just how many zombies are on screen at once in DR3 and how much stuff is happening.


DR3 has the added comedy value of stupid outfits and bonkers vehicles/weapons.


If you're a completionist, DR3 has more stuff to do/find and will give you more bang for your buck, the smartglass stuff for it is loads better too.


It's a tough choice... for me though, out of the two, I'd say DR3, cos wading through a sea of zombies with an afro wig, a mankini and wellies is bloody hilarious, as is having some serious cutscene going on while you're dressed like a crossdressing Mexican brandishing a "massager".

I own both and would say "Ryse" is a "must own" for the ONE.


"Dead Rising 3" is also brilliant in it's own right though and you really should have a copy of this as well.


"Ryse" will immediately blow you out of the water.  DR3 will very much impress you if you're paying attention to what it's actually doing.


Both games have a "Season Pass" and "Ryse" is cheaper in this department.


Safest bet is to get both but if it's just one, go with "Ryse".


You shall be entertained.

Flip a coin both great games!  Personally I prefer Ryse though I love the story and the graphics are stunning.

Ryse gets my vote, but as above DR3 is fun as well,  it's a win win situation your in OP!

You could always get Ryse, play it, then trade it towards DR3 after chrimbo.

As Metalgearfloppy said it comes down to preference of gladiators or zombies, personally zombies win it for me.

Both if you can. I got DR3 and love it but picking up Ryse very soon.

DR3 has a demo available now.  I downloaded it but much prefer Ryse.  It's beautiful to look at