Dox and swatting threat messages Xbox Live Enforcement Team

I am receiving messages from this one xbox live user who is telling me he is going to ddos me and dox and swat me im not sure if he is joking with me or being serious but when he told me that i got disconnected from xbox live and then today he sent me more messages asking if im scared. one of my good friends knows this guy and he told me he paid somebody to hack his console so he can be in games and hack any game he wants and he is pretty much a huge hacker who runs around in Call Of Duty ghosts lobbys as a minigun. The main reason why he is messaging me is because i stood up to him and told him to stop and he got pissed at that.


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Please, just file a complaint through the console features then, Block communications.    You can also power down your modem/router for a while to reset your IP address if you're still worried.    GOOD LUCK!!!

Also contact your internet service provider and let them know what happened.  They'll issue you a new IP address and investigate the attack and if necessary bring charges against the person as DDoS attacks are illegal.

^^^   Indeed.     I am fascinated by the fact people believe SWAT is coming to their home because of a COD game..........  

As said before, just file a complaint, and block communications. Hope I helped! :)

Hi enforcement team I am messaging you to ask for help with  A player ADOOFF2010 has threatened to send a virus to my xbox live account the proof us in the message he sent to me. I talked to xbox support and they told me I could get help here please reply here or to *** Email address is removed for privacy *** . Thanks

Some on by the xbox name (MOD REMOVED) he's threatening me and saying he's going to hack me can u banned hem 

MOD NOTES:  Please don't name and shame.  Thanks

I am quoting Amusing Bacon ... As said before, just file a complaint, and block communications. Hope I helped! :)

Xbox Live Enforcement Team

There is an individual ddosing me multiple times and claiming he is going to hack into my account or permanently ban my xbox live account. This person has booted many of my friends offline as well. He has my IP address saved and i don't know what to do at this point.

Follow all the advice already posted & read here for some tips.

Just report report report.