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i goto my bros quite frequently so i just redownload my profile then when i get back home i redownload it again is there anything wrong with downloading your profile multiple times?


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You can leave your profile on your brother's console. Microsoft enabled multiple local profiles last year as I recall. Your profile can now be stored on multiple consoles.

so you dont need to redownload everytime?

Correct. Your local profile can be valid on multiple storage devices (consoles) now. In the past it could only be valid on one storage device at a time. The single valid copy was a reason to keep a profile and all saves on a Memory Unit or USB Memory Unit. With the restriction lifted and Cloud Storage that's less of a necessity, though as people are finding out Cloud Storage isn't exactly reliable. :-)

lol awsome, i was concerned about getting banned..

IceStorm is correct. In the past (not too long ago) they removed the need to redownload profiles every time you wished to use them on another console. You might have issues with some (not all) content being used on different Xbox consoles because of the content licenses, but most content such as DLC maps etc won't be affected.

^ +1

Remember that if you leave your profile on someone else's console that if they play on it and do something stupid you will suffer the consequences