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At 8:00 pm I started to download and install 2 pieces of additional content for Battlefield 4 on Xbox ONE, they were the China Rising and Second **** DLC. At 10:00 pm China Rising was on 60% and Second **** was queued to download next so I turned the console off knowing that Background downloads was enabled but when I turned the console on at 7:00 am I found that China Rising had been cancelled and Second **** was on 99%. That means in 11 hours it didn't finish downloading any DLC which is frustrating because together they were around 2.6 GB to download and the Xbox 360 would do that in at least 4 hours. I know this is asking a lot but I've seen how quick the PS4 downloads DLC and it can download MORE than one piece of DLC at the same time maybe Microsoft should take that into consideration. Please Microsoft if your reading this please make this one of your fixes Thank you

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While I admit I dont know the actual size of those DLC packs, you need better internet. 4 hrs to download 2.6gb worth of data is terrible.

I don't have fast internet but I can download 2.6 GB in 30 - 60 minutes. You must have slow internet I'm guessing around 1.3 mbps. Have you tested it in your network settings on XB1?

I've had a similar situation as the Hawkeye's happen to me. I find it odd that it would queue the 1st download & start the 2nd one after you turn off your console to let it download overnight. I think this is a glitch in the system that needs to be remedied.