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ToxemicFlower53 here, I was trying to download the Dead Space 3 demo but everytime I tried my Xbox 360 slim kept telling me that it wont let me download it becuase I am underage. I know this much but is there anyway I can download it from my profile.

P.S. I have adult permission.

Please help.

Thank you.


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If your account is a child account you will not be able to download it or change your profile until it matures naturally

I had this same problem. Good thing I'll be 17 in December!!

[quote user="SpecOperations9"] Good thing I'll be 17 in December!![/quote]

Don`t you need to be 18 to download adult content?

Yes, 18 years of age is the required minimum for an Adult Account. It will also need to be promoted to an Adult Account.

Oh, I assumed since the Mature rating was 17+. Crap. Another year of waiting.

why do you want to download the demo when you got the game in your recent played games

[quote user="l Lord Sithis l"]

why do you want to download the demo when you got the game in your recent played games


Probably because the original post was on the 12th and by the looks of it he got the game on the 13th.


What i don`t understand is why they allow mature rated games to be played on what they know is a child account.

Why isn`t the game automatically blocked like the dlc or demos are?

Kinda dumb really since the ESRB is only a parental guideline. It's unfortunate that the only way a parent can have a choice in the content their kid is allowed to use is to lie about the age of the account. Furthermore, if an account doesn't have the ability for full access to everything, it should not be sold at the same price as an adult account.