Download purchased films from xbox store to xbox one console instead of streaming

does anyone know the reason why Microsoft do not permit users to download purchased movies to their xbox one console. I have a 30 mb per second fibre optic broadband connection but even still I have problems where a hd movie will briefly lose picture quality and show at a low resolution for a few seconds then return to hd. this happens several times during a film and is quite annoying.why can't the film be downloaded and stored on my console or external hard drive. I can download to my windows phone my desktop pc but not my console. I seem to remember this option was available on xbox 360 but not xbox one. if I purchase a hd movie I want the picture to be perfect and at the moment its not. I prefer purchasing from the store because I get a version on my xbox and my phone but I feel if this persists I will go back to buying bluray discs where the picture quality is consistent.


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