Dos Attack

An 'individual' with the gamertag: [Mod Removed] (I know it is him as his friend told me he does it, and he told me he would prior to actually doing it.)  is going around thinking he's pretty special threatening people and Dos/DDos (If that's the correct term.) attacking them, frying their routers. I have followed all the appropriate steps to deal with this and I am writing this to make absolutely sure this 'Individual' is being dealt with in a manner that reflects the severity of this type of conduct and that others do not have to put up with it. I would very much appreciate being informed of what action has been taken when it is taken, so I know I haven't wasted my time pursuing this matter and that my rights as a microsoft customer are being taken seriously. Thankyou for your time.


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It is against the rules to post the gamertag of accused individuals on the forums.

My bad for posting gamertag I did ask a microsoft support representative and they didn't warn me about that.

Just report, mute and block the person doing this. It's all you can really do.