Doom 4's development

I read an interesting article on Kotaku y'day about Doom 4.  It's worth checking out, link:

I'll summarise some points:

  • Doom 4 has been in development for ages.
  • Id are useless at developing games now and have terrible management.
  • Rage 2 was cancelled due to Rage's lack of success and so that the entire studio can focus on one project, Doom 4.
  • Doom 4 was scrapped and restarted at least once because it was a mess.
  • Doom 4 is likely targeting next gen now.

My thoughts:

Doom is obviously in important video game franchise.  I really want Doom 4 to be a good but I can't help thinking that it is destined to end badly.  Id Software just can't seem to get there act together and have had trouble developing games for ages now.  It took them 7 years to release a new full retail game after Doom 3, and that was Rage which had multiple issues.  Id having to restart Doom 4's development is not promising either; it seems like they don't know what direction to take the game and how to execute it properly.  I want this game to live up to expectations but I just don't see it happening currently.  Hopefully they reveal something about the game at QuakeCon 2013. Also if Doom 4 isn't a success, I reckon Zenimax probably will merge Id into Bethesda or make them focus solely on tech rather than developing games.


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Whoo Doom 4 daddy fps is coming back.

lol gooslaps, I wouldn't get too excited. Read the OP again. Sounds like another DNF in the making.

Too late for that i am psyched.

Unpsyche yourself quickly. They're calling this one 'Call of Doom'.


God, I'd love a real Doom game. A current gen take on DOOM I or II would be incredible. DOOM 3's moody horror was cool and all but it's already a relic whereas the first two games still offer a great gameplay experience.

Doom's cool. But I think its time for another Quake!

[quote user="Whagi"]

Doom's cool. But I think its time for another Quake!


If another Quake does come along, it will probably be developed by a different studio like Quake 4.  Id don't seem capable of managing more than one project properly.

[quote user="zfair899"]

Unpsyche yourself quickly. They're calling this one 'Call of Doom'.


Franchise killer if it turns out to be "Call of Doom".  They need to do something new that we don't already have in FPS to make an impact.