Doom 4 is confirmed!

Doom 4 has been confirmed and you can get access to the Beta by pre ordering Wolfenstein link


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I've been wanting an other Doom for a long time. There isn't enough good horror games going around. I can't wait to see how it looks on current gen consoles.

That's good news, but I'd like to see it designed more like old school doom with bigger levels and obviously much better graphics.  Doom 3 was dark, linear, and all indoors except for one small part which was pretty disappointing.  

Awesome news!!!

Can't wait. One of my favorite genres.

Good news indeed.

They They are calling it Doom not Doom 4. I wonder if they they are starting the series from scratch again. Would love an announcement of a new quake game. Loved quake 4 but quake wars was was a mess.

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more. 

@BizarroMantis - of course it was indoors! It was on Mars! Have you ever stepped outside on Mars? It's NOT pleasant. Watch the original Total Recall to see what happens to you if you do. ;)

Besides, by keeping it indoors, it adds to the atmosphere by adding a sense of claustrophobia - speaking of which, there were  a lot of demons coming out of closets in Doom 3, weren't there?

DOOM3 was pretty good, but I haven't been impressed with id for a while.

I'm probably going to wait on this one.

Carmack isn't well as a few other it's not like it's the same id anyway.

Doom was good, but it needs to change a bit I think, but I cannot wait to see more, epic battles with H3ll Knights please.

GG yes I know it was on Mars.  Did you play the original Doom or Doom 2?  If you did, then you understand the contrast of what I'm talking about.  It doesn't change the fact that Doom 3 felt quite linear to me.  I still enjoyed it, but I would like to see something that links Doom 4 to its roots or it's just a run of the mill FPS that I've played a million times.