Don't have the next XBOX require an online connection at all times it could potentially destroy XBOX and for the can't use used video games anymore another bad way that Could destroy XBOX

If the rumors are true please don't actually do them, because no one has a perfect connection and I understand that this is a business but making people buy games new would suck because if we don't like it we then can't give it to anyone if they would like to try it out or sell it to Gamestop or BestBuy for only $5 to $30 which is a rip-off in the first place, so I would rather give it or sell it to a friend so that he can enjoy it more and not have to deal with going to the store and possibly get a bad disk. If you take out the used game market you WILL loose alot of people for that and loose even more if it is required to have an online connection.

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Pretty sure there's another thread with a more succinct title about this subject.


There`s three in this forum already.

When I bought a used copy of Mass Effect I also bought every single DLC. Isnt that making profit on a used game? A lot of people are doing this. Anyway BS rumour, and we all know that Nintendo didnt do this, so go to them if MS does.