Does Xbox1 support 4K resolution TV

As the title suggest, With the new gen of 4K resolution tv`s now on the market now,  will this be supported? I am in the market for a new TV.  I have compared them with current Hi Def, & there is no comparison! They are awesome!


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Those 4k tvs look awesome,the xb1 hdmi will run 4k in to the new tvs,but its maxium is 1080p,atbpresent.its just having the devise that runs at 4k,the only device I know of at presrnt to even record 2160p is the galaxy note 3,but the ptoblem lies in the device to play it back on,with the new os in the xb1,im sure there is no doubt the hdmi output can be upgraded via a patch, and rah those 4ks are $/£15k to 20k.

Thanks for the answers gentlemen. I recently saw them advertised for around the AU$3-4000 at a local JB Hifi sore.

We'll I'm just guessing that it might in the future if not now. I remember Major Nelson saying that the HDMI cable that came with the Xbox One was 4K capable so I'm guessing they have plans for it if it doesn't already.