Does Xbox One have dedicated servers for online play?

Does Microsoft provide dedicated servers for all online games on the xbox one? 

For instance, does CoD have dedicated servers, thus making gameplay lag free?


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Some developers choose to use their own servers.

Is every game required to have servers for hosting matches? Or are the servers just there for setting up the match making?

Unfortunately Sony does not provide servers for hosting matches on all online games, thus games can differ significantly depending on which player is hosting the match.

Titanfall and Forza 5 are the only ones using them at the moment. As @listed said its still a developer choice but i expect the usage to grow as they prove themselves as its also cheaper than the dev/Publisher estimating numbers and renting servers in different regions. Not sure on COD's status on X1 in regards to its dedicated Servers.

^  I think dead rising 3 uses them also.

This is one thing Microsoft has going for it.  I think most of the games are all dedicated either by MS or by the developer.

Sony on the other hand is using some player hosted. But their big MMO-type games are all Sony and games like COD Ghosts is using dedicated servers from the developer.

Hope that helps - I mean technically this is one area Microsoft is excelling at and it's paying off.

ryse, forza,titanfall use AZURE. COD uses activisions own dedicated server i dont get host migration but i do get lag on ghosts bf4 uses EA dedicated servers which IMO are rubbish

I don't get host migration on COD ghost multiplayer, but I do on Extinction and I do get lost connection to server on multiplayer, whatever setup on COD is, its rubbish. Whatever there setup is, there are still inconsistences when playing.

Dedicated servers doesn't stop lag, but it should stabilize the game play and in COD it doesn't