Does xbox offer Day 1 pre order like playstation does?

I really want to play Call of duty ghost when it comes out but I don't want to buy the physical game I want to buy it trough the xbox 360 game marketplace as soonest it comes out; is there anything like that on xbox? If not how long does a game take to hit the xbox 360 marketplace after release date so I could be able to buy it digital without having to go to Gamestop and buy the game physically. I know that playstation has this thing called Day 1 pre order where you are able to buy the game as soonest is released on Gamestop..

Thank you!


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Hey Propheciez,

It has been announced that Digital Games can be purchased over the Xbox One Marketplace. Although they haven't announced yet if games can also be pre-ordered or bought at release digitally.

I hope that I answered your question enough =)

[quote user="SamxBroski"]Xbox One Marketplace[/quote]

He said the Xbox 360.


A popular game? They take a good two months at least before they're on the marketplace.

Thanks guys.. but I was wondering when ghost comes out can I buy it the first day it comes or it will take months to hit the marketplace

We don't know yet, Propheciez.  Usually Major Nelson will blog about a couple weeks in advance games coming to Games on Demand.