Does this sum it up pretty well??


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i lie to you not. i was just about to post this on a thread.  


Ha! I get it.

I was looking to post it but didnt want to necro a 4 days old post...  just for that  LOL

The reason I lost faith in the 360...the reason I bought a PS3....and the reason I bought a PS4 instead of a X1....was the very reason that MS lost it's way when it came to games.

If this is true....I would love it.

It is true ICN3D, it is... :)

As for the comic, I got a t-shirt from those guys!

Lmao! Awesome! Gave me a giggle checking that out! Thanks for posting it :D

Don't forget about TV, Sports, Call of Duty, Halo: The Television Series, and something about Xbox One becoming the next water cooler. I think games fits somewhere inbetween there.

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Only took 8 replies... a new Troll record!!! Can't nobody say nothin nice about Xbox One.

It would've been so cool if that happend during the real interview , lol good post.