Does The XBOX Downscale?

does it downscale/upscale more effectively than a tv?

I heard the xbox has a "dedicated" down/upscaler which eliminates any lag whatsoever.

Im planning on buying a new plasma, but its only 720p, so when the new xbox comes out, Im guessing it will probably be native to 1080p, so I need to know how effectively it will downscale to 720p. 

I currently have an old tube, i believe its 480p, so does that mean the xbox downscales from its native 720p to the tvs 480? Tubes don't have lag, so by this logic, the xboxs scaler is instant/flawless?


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They do a good enough job.


Yeah the Xenon is very close to the PowerVR SGX543MP4 found inside the iPad 3. It's amazing how quickly they get outdated.

[quote user="Nielo TM"]The 360 was build to keep the lag as low as possible.[/quote]That's true of every GPU, though. On the fly GPU scaling (vs letting the display do it) is part and parcle of every modern GPU. it's a pretty common thing to see in use in multi-display setups. I don't imagine that they do so quick and dirty any longer as they don't have to.


Xenos is a dinosaur of a GPU.

That's not what I meant. The 360 was build to keep the lag as low as possible. They even chose to forgo sRGB LUT hence the black crush. So if 360 is any indication, MS will again choose lower lag over higher quality scaling (or switch depending on the content).

[quote user="Nielo TM"]if the 360 is any indication of the things to come,[/quote]Supposedly that was ATI's first generation scaler. Since the 360 launched ATI's put out five more generations of GPU (R600, R700, Evergreen, Northern Islands, Southern Islands). There's no reason to assume the scaler hasn't gotten better.

High-quality scaling will always add lag but if the 360 is any indication of the things to come, the scaler won't be a top-notch but it'll do the job while keep the lag low. There's always going to be a trade of between quality and speed,

Exactly what all the next xbox does and doesn't do is complete speculation at this point, considering that MS has don't divulged any information regarding the system.  However, with that said, I am going to assume here (assume being the keyword) that it will play games natively at 1080p.  Just like with TVs, you should have the option to set the scaling to whatever you want.  Similar to what you do with other devices that you hook into your TV now.  The 360 has the capability to set resolutions, and its a safe bet that the next gen console will allow the same functionality.


Also I would recommend trying to find a Plasma TV with 1080p, the cost for the upgrade would be worth it.  Especially if you are looking to get a large set (over 50 inches).

Scaling is built into the GPU (Xenos). It happens regardless of what the output resolution is. Might as well have the 360 do it instead of an external device.