Does the original Xbox 360 Hd component cable fit the 360 S model ?

Does the original Xbox 360 Hd component cable fit the 360 S model ?



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Yes. It's a shame MS are a set of tight fisted whatsits with the cables this time round though, no HDMI and only an SD component.

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Cheers mate and I hoping to get the 360 S but might want to get a PVR to record and I need Hd component cables to do so and I've already got the cable and I was wondering if it fitted the S model.

Yes , I used to be a regular on the forums but now I don't bother as much , this is my 3rd time posting on here now.

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Just passing on info I got from other threads and forums, you're welcome.

As far as I know Sony still sells the PS3 with SD cables, so no surprise MS does the same.

I am kind of surprised in the LE 360 boxes, they don't include HDMI.

I was rather disappointed that the slim doesn't have HDMI or HD component because the Elite had them both.

They sure do i just bought a slim the other day as my 20gig 2006 model disc tray shat. I was slightly dissapointed to find that it only came with SD cable, cheap arses!But was quite happy that the pins on my old Hd comp cable wher the same so i plugged it in amd Bingo! It may havwe also been a blessing that they do as i';m not sure i can run my X31's without somw major tinkering if i used a HDMI cable? Any thoughts on that