Does having a game in the system cause RROD?

Recently my Xbox 360 has been having freezing/RROD issues. It primarily seems to occur when i am playing a game, it almost never happens when i'm watching Netflix without a game in the system. Usually letting it flash the 3 red lights for 10 minutes seems to fix the problem, at least temporarily. Does anybody know if having a game in the system can cause RROD?


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Having your disc drive running is probably overheating the console.

try installing your games to the hard drive so that the disc doesn`t run.

Some games like Gears of War are more processor intensive and so more likely to break your console as they place more demands which generates more heat.

I wouldn't say it "causes" the RROD, but i'd say it's more likely it would happen with a game in the system.  Since that is when the system is actually exhausting it's resources.  I advise taking theowenkiller's advice and try installing the games you're currently playing.  This will help.

Simply using the 360 for it's intended purpose causes it to fail. But it's a great console (LMFAO).

^^ You laugh at it being a great console, but you still own 3. Hmmmm.


Games make the 360 try to use 100% of the processors which means a lot of heat while Netflix app probably only uses 10-20% of mainly the CPU with the GPU at less than 10% so a lot less heat.


Thermal load and cycles is what kills 360s and installing the game to the hard drive means it can load game content like models and textures faster which means the system will be even more maxed out rendering a game. Your console is dying. I would sell it while it still loads the up the main dashboard without issue or get warranty service if you still have that option.

Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately, i only have a 20GB hard drive, so i'll have to look at upgrading to a larger hard drive. I wish i still had warranty service but this is my 3rd 360 (i got my original system a couple months after launch) so even the RROD warranty is long gone.