Does BF4 look better when output in 720p ?

After reading everything about the Xbox One upscaling non 1080p games to 1080p, many people say BF4 looks better when the Xbox One outputs in 720p instead of 1080p, since this bypasses the upscaler altogether. All that higher contrast / crushed black stuff. Can anyone confirm? I currently output at 1080p and set my video to RGB full (my TV supports both.) At work now, will try it when I get home. Just wondering if anybody that has tried it sees any difference, not just in BF4 but in any non 1080p game that uses the upscaler. Thanks!

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BF4 isn't 1080P on the Xbox One or the PS4.  So, even though it isn't 1080P, it is more than 720P (more like 900P).  So reducing your console's resolution would not make the game look better.  It looks its best at 1080P.

So far, the only game I've seen on the Xbox One look better in 720P is Call of Duty Ghosts.  In Ghosts they used some kind of sharpening filter on the Xbox One, but I think it looks rather horrid.  If you play the game in 720P, this filter doesn't show.

Doesn't look like many people have tried it - I guess most don't really care once they start playing the game...

It would depend on whether your TV is full HD 1080p or not. If it is, then that game is 900p native, so setting it to 720 means the Xbox is downscaling the image. If you then feed it to a Full HD TV, the scaler in the telly will have to upscale it back to 1080 again. In other words, its carrying out a ton of unnecessary steps which would usually result in increased lag and an overall worse image.


What would be interesting is if the X1 as a setting to output in a Native mode? (I don't have one yet so can't answer) but that would then mean your x1 outputs in whatever resolution the game devs picked. Which gives you the option of flicking between native and 1080 on the X1 settings and seeing which scaler is better, your TV's or the one built into the console. Though unless your TV is pretty new and reasonably high end, the chances are that the built in one on the console will likely be better quality.

Personally I think the game looks great so I'm gonna leave it where it's at.