Does Assassins Creed Brotherhood Classic Edition include all DLC?

Just wondering because seen it for cheaper or same price as the normal version, work out alot cheaper not having to buy all the DLC as I really want this game.

Also Mafia 2 classic edition has just come out and that includes all DLC, saw it in Tesco yesterday but can get it on Zavvi for £5 cheaper so going to order it soon once I'm done with LA Noire, or at least the bulk of it


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this forum really gone downhill, it's dead

only way to find out is to ask at a gamestore and ask member of staff about dlc they will tell u

Could do, I was going to pre order it online.

Mafia 2 had all the DLC so I imagine this could.

If I can't find out I might have to wait until it's released and in store, have a look and then buy for cheaper off Amazon

I don't think it does as there is a "Da Vinci Edition" that has all the DLC; i can't see the Classic having these too!

The Classics Edition only has a couple of multiplayer maps and some other single player things.

However it doesn't have the Da Vinci mission in single player, if that's what you are after.

so regardless of what edition i get i will have to buy DLC? Normally the GOTY or DLC included editions are cheaper to buy than the normal version + buying DLC from marketplace.

i generally only buy DLC with achievements unless its really good.

As i said the "Da Vinci Edition" has all the DLC.