Does anyone still play

I found a game that I'd thought I lost called Kameo elements of power I heard it is worth a lot cause it's one of the first 360 game

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Sorry, but it's worth pennies. You can pick up copies of the game on Ebay for around £5-10. I can pick up one of several copies from my local stores for around the same price as well.

It's worth nothing. You can get it for the price of a happy meal, as with most launch titles. If you're looking at early 360 releases you should check out CoD2 and Condemned.

Xbox 360 games arent antiques mate lol its worth pennies im sure ive seen it pre owned at game before for 1 quid

With digital distribution I'd be very surprised if there were any real 'rare' games on 360 at all. You should see the prices people charge for a new copy of Parasite Eve. It's not even that good a game.

Ive got quite a few lauch titles and there worth virtually nothing although COD2 can still sell for around £20. Something thats 6 years old isnt going to be worth anything. For something to be valuable it has to be 2 things.  1- Rare and 2 - In demand , this game is neither and neither is any title on an xbox360

What older gaes are actually worth something then, on all platforms just curious.

Fatal Frame 2/Project Zero 2 is backwards compatible on 360. Play that.