Does Anyone Know How To Fix This?

Sorry for the crappy picture.It has been like this for 1 year didn't bother fixing it everytime I go to the recent players it just shows symbol of the game their on it doesn't show what they are doing HELP anyone.


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First check your Privacy Settings to make sure you are not Blocking their Content. If it still appears like that on some Profiles, they would have Privacy Settings preventing other from seeing them.

Check your privacy settings. Im sure it will be listed there just set everything to everyone

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Thanks guy fixed it now need my GT fixed it is showing up lowercased.

Is it in Caps on your Xbox 360? If so, then sorry. That's a known Glitch that has been around a while. There's no "fix" other then changing your GT to something else, then changing it back to the one prior ensuring the Caps are correct (on/ off).