Does anyone actually want to play Gears without quitting?!!

Looking for some guys/gals to play Gears with preferably Horde without QUITTING HALF WAY THROUGH!!! :(


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Anyone? 2 more spaces

I'm planning on getting some people together tomorrow to do all 50 waves if thats any help...

What time do you plan to do that Poison? I did mean to send the game back today but got distracted by beer and so never popped it in the post.

i would be very interested taking part in horde to get the achievement for level fifty as i am sick of people leaving around level 44, send me a friends request and a time, i am usually online about 8pm due to the kids.

I played all last night. never quit once (even when it got tough with only 2 men left)

Add me if you like. I'm not bad for an old git.

I too hate people leaving half way, add me if you want. I play anything.

I've done horde 3 times to 50 waves; all times i've had a disconnection so still haven't got the bloody ribbon!

Ah, sorry guys, i never got round to it, as i got a last minute breif to do some artwork for a local band. I still plan on doing it though at some point, if any of you want to send me a F/R thats fine, I'll possibly have a go on Sunday night, I really want to gte it out the way soon though.

I'll be on at around 6:00pm today if anyones up to do the 50 waves of Horde!

looking to do horde and beast on insane msg if any 1 wants to try