Does anybody remember......

Huxley.was mentioned years ago as a new action mmo,but has never seen the light of day.any other games you guys can comment on.

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I remember "Huxley".


It was supposed to be some sort of MMO shooter or something like that?


I'm not sure what caused it to crumble though.


If I remember right I believe they would have wanted a subscription on top of the XBox LIVE subscription though so that would have kept me away.



Huxley was canned a long time ago

Do you guys remember...Star Wars: Battlefront III.

I have been waiting so long for that game, and in the end it was canned at 99% completion.

I think it's a F2P Korean type thing now or something. But MMOs on XBL (there aren't many) can be played without a gold subscription.

Possession was canned 7 years ago.. an mmo in which ur a zombie who recruits other zombies to kill humans.. think APB with left for dead.