Does anybody know how to get the AT-12 Raider Shotgun in Mass Effect 3?

Hi guys, sorry to bother you all with this but EA support blew me off so I have no idea where else to turn.

Basically I want all the Mass Effect 3 DLC, but it seems that the AT-12 Raider Shotgun is an Origin/EA Online store exclusive. I've looked and looked, but they only seem to be selling the PC version of the game, not the Xbox one?

It would suck a lot if they were keeping Xbox gamers away from content for no good reason. If you pre-order from game you get everything BUT the AT-12 Raider Shotgun, but I don't want to miss out.

Does anybody know how to get the AT-12 Raider Shotgun in the UK?

Thanks for your help. :)


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IM guessing if its an Origin/EA Online exclusive and there not selling Xbox versions then for the time being theres no way to get it, i would guess it will be released later down the line. On the plus side its only a shotgun so i suppose its not going to harm anything story wise.

I know, but I usually play Vanguard - missing out on a powerful shotgun early game for marketing reasons just stings a bit, especially when PC gamers get it for no real reason, this isn't like a texture pack only a PC could run or something.

Thanks for the info, if nobody else says differently I guess I just go to the Game edition, but I will be miffed.

Well I pre-ordered the N7 Collector's Edition for the Xbox 360. Asked If I would get the AT12 Raider shotgun. Game Advisor told me they will give me any code I don't recieve. So I ordered, got my game in the mail 2 days ago. Now I've been talking to EA Game Advisors for the DLC code I am due. They now say it is only for the PC version of the game. Which of course is a load of bull. It was clearly advertised that any pre-orders regardless of the version would recieve the Shotun DLC from ordering from them. That was apparently false-advertisement, isn't that illegal?

From what I have seen throughout the years, since EA has aquired Bioware, the buisness model has been on a steep decline, the customer service has worsen. It is literally non-existent. The Mass Effect 3 "Launch DLC" and "Pre-order Bonuses" have been a massive failure. Including their first BF3 Promotion attempt that only lasted a couple days before the backed out, only to start it again before release. All over the internet. I will never order from EA Origin Store ever again, I will order from more reliable and respectable stores. This has been a real eye opener for me.