Does an app exist

Now we all know that the day will come when our 360's will no longer be supported by xbox live. Or at least we can assume as much. What I'm wondering is if anybody makes an app ( or will there be one then) That will allow me to access the regular internet with my console? 

Maybe some way of running a private server for 360s or something like that so I could at least theoretically continue multiplayer games on the 360?

Was just wondering that..


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You should be able to connect to the internet forever on your 360, unless the very nature of the internet itself changes, making the 360 an outdated or inappropriate device. That said, you won't be able to play anything unless the servers are there. I'm not into online multiplayer at all, so I don't know a lot about how it works. Some games may work P2P, but I really can't say.

The day will come when the current Xbox LIVE that is Supported by the Xbox 360 will be shut down. All Games regardless of Network Structure (Host/ Client or Dedicated Servers) require Xbox LIVE for the Xbox 360.

This has already been seen when the OG Xbox LIVE was shut down. it will happen again on the Xbox 360. Now that means two questions, when and does it matter to one's own self? Personally, I could care less because I'll be playing the Next Gen of Games. "When" is a tricky question, maybe a few years after the Next Gen, maybe a decade (I doubt it though).

I'm not quite sure if any App could be Developed for holding the current Xbox LIVE Architecture (or something similar) in that still operates the Xbox 360 after "it's" XBL is shut down?

yes apps do exist.