Do You Think We'll See More Day One Editions?

My question to the XBONE General forums is...

Do you think Microsoft will release more Day One Editions? 

My Opinion: 

Absolutely! Maybe it'll have to be bundled (more income/profit) but who cares?!!? Day One Edition is all I want! I tried to get a pre-order from every store in my area but they had a 60 Pre-Order cap! I was like number 74747347! (<--- Exaggerated a bit) 

But seriously... 

What do you think?


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Is it still Day One?

That's your answer. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few special bundles and ltd edition colourways though.

Nope but at the same time. I know they've got some more in the Warehouse.

You can't make 1,000,000 consoles and expect everyone to get what they want... Demand will get to them and we'll see some sort of new edition come out. Maybe Year One <--- XD! yeahhhh!

The day one content was meant as an early adopter perk they said even if you find a day one edition later the codes in it won't work after a certain date

I highly doubt it as the day1 consoles were limited.  Can I ask why one is important to you?  Only differences are the cardboard box it came in, a controller with print and a pointless (2 meanings lol) achievement.

The box... I like it a ton more than the Green one. I know it isn't difficult but I would like a specially titled "Day One Edition" controller... even though I can personally print out sticky letters and make it myself >.>

Seriously that's like asking will they do day one additions of the Atari 2600. Even though it been 20 years. Why would they seriously release day one when it's been over a month? It wouldn't be day one any more. Not being rude but it seems like a silly question to me. I aggressive there will be some special additions but day one is gone my friend.

Stupid phone turns "I agree" into "I aggressive". Gotta love technology.

The day one controller also has a chrome d pad mind you

I highly doubt there are any in storage on the basis that they struggled to meet demands and the first thing they would have done is shipped them out to maximise day 1 profits and numbers. Even if there are console in storage, they will probably be there for repairs and replacements or could even be taken, stripped out and rebuilt as standard editions.

eBay if you must. The box, who cares? are you keeping it next to your tv? I bough mine on day one at midnight, and I don't even have a day one edition because I didn't preorder.

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