Do we still need our Cable remote ?

If you use the HDMI passthrough for your cable box so you can watch TV on the Xbox,  do we still need the cable remote or will the XB1 controller/Kinect allow us to replicate all the normal remote functions,  FF,  rewind, pause,  DVR functions etc? 


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The xbox one will control most of your cable box functions but to access your recordings you will still need to use your remote but you can use voice for pause, ff, etc.

So I can still record programs and view recordings (access a DirectTV DVR) through the Xbox One? I have yet to see anything about this. And sorry for sounding like a noob but how does a cable providers remote work exactly with the Xbox One?

@Fyre. You still need to use your remote to access your DVR content and to record programs. However, once you start a recorded show, you can use voice to play, pause, ff, and rewind.

Kimect2 is also an IR blaster that will allow you to use your remote for DVR etc.

OK, so the DVR (menu?) will show up on the Xbox menu somewhere? I just want to be 100% clear because I don't watch live TV. You know, commercials take time away from precious game-playing time.

There won't be an overlay for DVR. It'll just take you to the DVR menu like always when you press the DVR button on your remote.

you will need your remote to go to your dvr menu and look for what you want to watch, so need your remote.

Also this all depends on if your tv provider is supported at launch