Do Microsoft still make the Xbox 360 receiver for PC?

Not sure where to put this as it dose involve xbox 360 and PC.

Anyhow rmember about 4 years ago Microsoft brought out them Xbox 360 wireless gaming receivers for the PC. It enabled you to use your Wireless Xbox 360 controller with your PC. I built a cheap as chips desktop last night out of spare components I had in storage. Anyhow its good enough to play games like Left 4 Dead and Portal ect. I only have a spare wired mouse and keyboard but I was to sit on my couch witch is to far away for the mouse and keyboard.

So I want to buy one of these receivers. But I can't seem to find a official one anywhere. Amazon seem to be the only place selling the official ones but want £15 for it. Witch is a little steep in my view. I would buy one of them fake ones from ebay as there only £5 but they said dose not work with Windows 7 64bit. I have Windows 8 64bit preview installed so am guessing it wont work on that.


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15 quid isnt bad. They were 30 odd when released. Other option is to get a wired pad, W7 and i think 8, have the pad drivers built in.

The only place i've seen them is PC World, i brought one for my PC about 6 month's ago, that was £35 but came with a pad.

I have seen them kicking about places like PC World.


I bought one from eBay about a year ago, got it new for about £12 I think it was, works a treat.

In the event that you can't get one cheap you can use Motioninjoy with any USB controller and play games that way. It supports bluetooth as well. Works with PS3 and 360 controllers, but I'm not sure if it works with the standard 360 controller or just the ones specifically made for Windows.

Thanks all I managed to sniff one out on ebay for £10.