dlna file types?

ok so i noticed about 1/3 of my files will play via play to. what format do i need to convert my files to so i can play the rest? have a recommended converter? thanks


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How about you take a look at the files that do play, and convert the ones that dont play to the same format as the ones that do play?

tried that but the file ending doesn't decide the codec used. well not entirely, but i've tried avi, mpeg, and mp4 conversions to no aveil.

Ok, then I woud use skydrive. You wont have to go to your CPU to start a video. And there is no need to convert anything.

xbox one doesn't support mkv and that's what 90% of my 800 movies are in lol i found a thing called ps3 muxer it seems to work for most movies but won't work for my the wolverine movie sigh.