DLC not transfering to next gen console.

Hi guys, I've been pretty happy with my xbox 360 console and planned on buying a Xbox One. But right now I'm pretty mad.

I have bought the CoD ghost DLC separately on xbox live, and i've read somewhere that I can't use them on Xbox One?! Is this how it really is? I would understand if it was a physical copy, but a purchase, linked to my account, howcan they be so money hungry?

I didn't get the season pass cause I don't want to pay for unreleased/unfinished DLC in advance. Someone offered me to buy my 360. I am now thinking of buying the PS4 since the lower price will cover for the addons I'll have to buy for a 2nd time.

Am I mistaken or what?


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You are not mistaken.  The reason is the One has completely different architecture than the 360. Same reason One is not currently backwards compatible.

I totally understand the different architecture thing, but since it's a digital download, I should have access to the same Xbox One DLC, or at least, be able to transfert the licence.

Plus they want you to buy it for next gen... the future is now!!!  Your license was for the 360 copy not your One copy... different products and different SKUs.