DLC/ downloaded games on console question

I am selling my Xbox 360. If I delete my account, will the new owner be able to access all the dlc's and downloaded games i stored on it? All the games are originally downloaded on that console with that account.


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No. Delete your profile and back up your game saves to the cloud then wipe the hard drive

are you sure? i thought all dlc is supposed to be accessible on all accounts for the console it is downloaded on

Dlc is accessible for all accounts on the console. But if you do what i said there will be no trace of that stuff on the console.

even if i only delete the profile?

im trying to have the new owner be able to play the dlc's without accesing my account. I will be getting an xbox one

Ah, the way i took it was you didnt want them to have that access. Ok not quite sure but he should still have access. As long as you dont transfer the licenses to a different console

ok, thanks for the help. Do u know if transferring my profile to Xbox one will affect it

No. You can keep your profile on both consoles actually

It wont effect your licenses as its two seperate systems