Divinity: Original Sin

I'd played a previous incarnation of "Divinity" on the 360 and found it to be an alright RPG that leaned a bit too much towards "Risen" than "Two Worlds 2".

As a result I was planning on steering clear of "Divintiy: Original Sin", thinking it to be the latest in a long line of 'next gen ports' from the 360.

However it turns out it's not really the same game at all.

It appears to be a bit like "Dialbo III" but more of an RPG than a top down shooter.

The game has received very positive reviews with IGN, who usually pull out a club when it comes to non-mainstream Publishers... instead giving the game a 90%.

They are touting this as an RPG of "unmatched depth" and praising the choices available in quests and how your character's decisions affect the world.

Definately something to take a closer look at if you enjoy a good RPG and if you are looking for a decent Swords & Sorcery fix then you may have found an exceptional one.


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I've been keeping an eye on this.

So far most of the feedback has been very good.

Trouble is at the moment, got 2 games to finish before the likes of Fallout 4 and Battlefront arrive which will take up most of my gaming time and this looks like it will require a fair bit of time itself to get the best out of so will save it for a future purchase.

Yeah, too many good games hit at the same time and me with limited time to spare.  Probably pick this up on sale sometime after the holidays.

I didn't play the original but the game is a port of a PC game which apparently did quite well

Hey guys! Another turn based game you will surely like if you liked Wasteland 2. In fact Original Sin might be a little better than Wasteland 2, with it getting a few extra perks like online and couch co-op.

Unlike Diablo III, which gets quite dull when you unlock a skill at level 10 and have to use it with very little variation at level 60+, Original Sin has MANY different sorcery scrolls(spells) some that are one time use but very unique; as well as your basic leveling up abilities on top of that. You can even CRAFT your own spells! This makes the game much more pleasant than Diablo IMO.

The port is $60 on Xbox while it is $40 on Steam though. With the X1 "enhanced edition" coming with a backpack of usable items for an extra $20. Yes that is the only thing different. The Enhanced Edition makes a lot of cool changes to the game like 360° camera rotation and dual wielding swords but the same edition is available on Steam for less and they take just as much of a cut as Microsoft does.

It will be a long time before this goes on sale so I may just bite the bullet and get this for me and a friend next month. :)

Got to have a little bash at this before I headed off to the radio.

The XBox ONE Enhanced Edition can be bought for a very high price on the XBox Marketplace but you can pick it for £34.00 (including yer taxes) on Amazon you're better off shopping there (Enhanced Edition) there too.

Really surprised by this.  It's awesome.  There are a number of different character classes for your heroes to be and you can even create your own custom jobs (when you think u actually know what you're doing).

This is described by IGN, as running like the PC version on Ultimate settings.

Looks bright and clear.  It's like you're watching a Paternity Test episode of Jeremy Kyle and there's "Sacred II", "Diablo III" "Skyrim" and "Mass Effect" are all sat there as potential 'fathers' and when the DNA test comes back, somehow they're all partly responsible.

Looks like it has the potential to be complex because of it's depth but so far, even early on  you don't feel overwhelmed.  The controller mapping is very straightforward and allows you to manage a surprisingly large amount of functions with excellent mapping.

If you never got to dabble in this series on PC then you do yourself a dis-service missing out on it now.

Early on and this game is both amazing and a little challenging.

It doesn't hold your hand and I'm finding myself having to do a couple of re-starts as I start to understand how the skill trees work and how the characters evolve.

Firstly you need to be aware that you are starting as a party of 2.

This means that player 1 is you.. and the 2nd character there is also you.  Therefore you might want to have starting characters who's styles complement each other.

Also as you level up, general advice I've read online is that you want to specialise and that you'll do best with a full party (of 4) that compliment each other very well.

So while it might be kind of cool to be that Rogue-ish stealthy mage who also crafts weapons and wields a sword... you might want to stick to a particular field.

Also, if you build a couple of close range tanks... there's nobody really on healing duty and things could get difficult with multiple enemies.

It's really impressive the little things you can do.  Noxious gas clouds can be incinerated by a Wizard casting a flame spell, or a fire arrow.

Imagine what would happen if you threw a poison grenade at a group of enemies... and while they were all slowly taking poison damage... suddenly thew a spark in there.

Imagine what would happen if your enemies were standing in a shallow pool of water and you called down lightning from on high to electrocute them...

Now imagine you're also standing in that same shallow pool of water...


I fired a bunch of magic missiles at a group of enemies.  They shot back.  I shot back.  They shot back.  I shot back... eventually I won.

Another group of enemies... threw oil on the floor at their feet... then threw a match.  Nobody shot back.

Different ways to take on different situations and if you're clever and try something out it might work even better than you thought.

A great game that is very different from most of the RPG's that have been on offer on console this generation and last.

Less streamlined, hearkening back to old-school RPG's, this may frustrate those who loved the fact that you could ultimately excel at anything and everything in "Skyrim" where as those who loved the 'good old days' of characters who specialised in a class type may find themselves over the moon and playing the greatest thing they've touched in years.

Exceeding expectations so far.

This game is not good.

It's brilliant.  

Excellent writing with some genuine laugh out loud moments.

Right now it is probably the most under-the radar game on the ONE.

With a Metacritic score of 90% you can't really call it 'underrated'.

It is good but it's hard

What characters did you choose for your openers?

I have a Wizard and a Knight.  The only dabbling I did with skills was to give the Knight "pet pal" so she could talk with the animals.

Very amusing that one.  I had my fortune told... by an ox.