Divinity 2: Ego Draconis

I picked this up a few days ago and it turns out to be one of the best RPG's ive played on the 360, it wipes the floor with the likes of Dragon Age and other triple A titles even Fable is not a patch on this game, in fact the only game that is better is Oblivion, i dont know if anyone else has played it but its amazing, the graphic although not the best in the genre are outweighed due to the fact that its an open world and non linear means you have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything to a certain extent, the music is sublime and the combat system is perfect, combined with fluid controls and everything else a good RPG has to offer and this game should not be missed by any RPG fan, anyway just thought id put the word out lol, i know its an older game but ive really fallen in love with it since i got it and thought id share my feelings :P, pick it up if you like your RPG's you wont be dissapointed.


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I have to agree with you Pelaquin. I also rate it as one of the best RPG games I have played. A few months ago they re-released this game with remastered Graphics and a massive new DLC called The Knights Saga with it.

I think ill have to go and buy it then, Lovefilm only have the Ego Draconis version, and even that was amazing, and once again if anyone reads this and loves RPG's and have not played this they really should pick it up, even more so if theres a remastered version :)

Good Review, not sure if the tags will link the video though...


I'd recommend getting The Dragon Knight saga version if possible. I vaguely remember playing the demo of Ego Draconis and finding it a bit shonky, still I bought the Dragon knight version and played throught the whole thing. Had a blast too! Also there are some genuinely funny moments of dialogue, something alot of rpgs seem to be missing.

If anyone needed another vote of confidence from a random forumer, heres my stamp of approval!