Distorted audio with either 5.1 or dts

Hello. I have an odd issue with my Xbox One. If it is powered off for a while (sometimes as quickly as overnight) when I start the console up the audio is horribly distorted. It sounds like listening to a mix of what the audio should sound like and a digital signal that hasn't been decoded. I will try to provide a bit of information:

  • Connection: HDMI to my receiver, HDMI to TV from receiver. Speakers are directly connected to receiver, TV audio is disabled.
  • Power - I have tried changing the settings so that:
  • It powers off completely
  • It only goes to instant on
  • It will power up the reciever and tv, with both completely off and instant on.
  • It will not power up the receiver and tv, with both completely off and instant on.
  • Audio
  • I have tried leaving it in Dolby 5.1 and DTS. Both formats will experience the same distortion.
  • TV
  • I have tried both enabling/disabling auto detect TV
  • I have no cable or other inputs going into the xbox, receiver, or tv.
  • Cables
  • The HDMI cable from Xbox to receiver and the cable going from receiver to TV are monster HDMI 3' cables, brand new.
  • I have tried swapping the cables with other HDMI cables from my comupter, and can say that the cables work fine.

The interesting part is that when I start my xbox and the audio comes on distorted, if I go into the audio settings and change the audio, it will work fine. For example, if it is set up in DTS, I can change it to 5.1, and it will work, and then back to DTS and it will work fine. If it is in 5.1 and is distorted, I can change it to DTS and then back to 5.1 and it will work fine.

Kind of frustrated with MS support. They keep telling me all kinds of things, like digital surround isn't supported on the xbox one (?!) even though I have been using DTS surround; that I need to switch to stereo or 5.1 uncompressed because my receiver is incompatible with DTS; that I need to try replacing my cables....

Regretting the xbox purchase a bit.


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