Display / Picture Broken up

After getting my console back after a repair, it performed a lengthy download.

As it is plugged into my TV I switched it over to watch something else. Something I did regularly before the repair with no problems.

But this time when I switched back to check on the download the picture from my 360 had broken up into static, jagged, vertical columns. I could still hear any actions, but not see them. The only way I could restore the picture was by switching the console off and then on again.

This breaking up of the picture happens whenever the switching over happens. I don't think this should be happening, and yet I don't know if it requires being sent off again for another repair.

Also another problem that can turn up after the off, on routine above, is that the console refuses to automatically sign me in, even though it is set to do so. It has happened once without the above error occurring just beforehand. But only once.


Any advice would be welcome.


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