Disk drive noise - anyone else getting this

So when I put a disk in it spins up and lasts for about 10 - 15 minutes then all is quiet. It seems as though it is doing the same as what the 360 does by doing checks on the disc to make sure that it is a genuine game.

Not overly concerned about it as everything else on it is fine but does anyone else get this noise at all?


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No get a bit of minor noise for about 10 to 15 seconds but no noise from the drive itself after that.

It depends what your XBox is doing.


It's going to start making noise and not still be reading the disc but processing data and other information.


I get disc noises with FIFA sometimes... and it's a download only game that came as a code.

I have the downloaded Fifa 14 and i get noise. It sounds like the HDD when its struggling.

Yep I do get the noise when I put a disk in...its not massively loud but is noticeable.....and yes after a while it calms down.......But I did raie an eyebrow when I heard the noise..................