Disk drive issues!

I have been a long time user of xbox, and understand there will be issues as a new console comes out.  looked past it a while in hopes of a fix soon but now the drive is just crap, comes and goes. finally called xbox and had bad experience with that phone conversation but then finally they say I have to send it in and they will send one back wich can take up to a month. frustrated at the lack of response, frustrated at the lack of "caring" from xbox. and when it all comes down to it all I get left with is a headache and a faulty system till I receive a replacement in about a month. not sure of how many have the same issues with there system, but it seems xbox/Microsoft  could care less of the hassle and the fact of all the money we put in to relaxing to some great gameplay is off and on for some.


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Sorry to hear about your issues.

Unfortunately things go wrong with whatever we buy, consoles, TVs etc, thankfully the failure rate seems to be very low compared to previous consoles so unfortunately you have been one of the unlucky ones.

Did you buy it off the Microsoft Store? if so then I'm not sure the plan to replace them but I know someone on my friends list who sent a faulty XB1 back to Microsoft but he had a new replacement back within 7 days so not sure why they are now saying .. "About a Month" ..

If you didn't buy it from the Microsoft Store, you might have better luck taking/sending it back to where you made the purchase?

Good luck.

You all do know that (replace them so called fix them) they don't give you your xbox1 just a use refurbish xbox1

There are used Xbox Ones being refurbished? So close to launch?

I got the console from gamestop and contacted them first, but since it has been a few days over there 30 day return policy they will not do a exchange.

I have not contacted Microsoft about the issue, just contacted xbox. felt it was pointless in the fact since xbox seemed to not care that Microsoft would be the same way.

I'm sure the people at Xbox generally care about your issue. They just don't have control over how long it takes for a replacement. It takes time to replace the item.

I just got a new preview up date I'm not getting notifications when friends get online and when I eject the disk it goes back into the drive so I have to eject it again. Then when I put a different disk in I get a message saying that it's dirty or damaged. It does this for every game I own. But if I hard reset it's ok for a little while then goes back to saying the same thing. Anybody know how to fix this

I got my XB1 about 5 weeks ago....right from the get go I could tell the disc drive was a little wonky...it would gently click and not read the disc....It's only done it a few times but the other day was the first time it would not eject the disc on the first try..

Glad I waited until Costco had them in stock when I first bought.....Already ordered another one and will take this one back next week..

Im getting this issue too.  It can be very frustrating.  My options were send away for 3 weeks to get a new one.  Probably not going to send away.  We use our Xbox daily for fitness and TV stuff.  And, of course, gaming!

Check for a local MS Physical Location closest to you. You can negate the shipping and get your exchange done in person with no time loss. And you will get a new console not a refurb.

Still call support to get the most info you can.

And Here is the ms store locater

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